Monday, March 16, 2009

How to Make a Reuse Bag

As we know, Garbage is the most problem in our environment.
Garbage almost pulling our place, like plastic from all product. The product industry Always wrapped in varius plastic. The plastic can not be destroy, because The particel from the plastic is very hard. It`s not difficultto find the plastic from soap or softener or cleaner etc. If we found the plastic don`t let it waste. Cuase the plastic we can reuse in the other thing. Just need our creativition and a little bit of money. we can Reuse the plastic and change the plastic to a unique bag.


#. The Thing we need are :
1). The Garbage From the Plastic.
2). The Parasut Suit ( Water Proff ).
3). Nylon Thread.
4). Needle in big size.
5). Velcrom ( like glue ).
6). The Ribbon.
#. How to Make a Reuse Bag :
1). Clean the plastic from the liquid with warm water and then dry in One hour.
2). When The plastic are dry cutting the plastic in our appropriate way. e . g. 5cm
( without the name of the product
3). Sewing 3 pieces of the cutting plastic with sewing machine ( using the big size of needle and nylon thread.
4). Make 2 side of the cutting plastic ( 5 lines of the cutting plastic) and For the body of the bag ( middle part use one of the cutting plastic in bag size.
5). Make a rope of the bag ( one line from the cutting plastic ). and then layering with a ribbon.
6). Sewing a rope at two side of a Bag.
7). Layering the bag with a parasut suit on the head of bag and glue with a ribbon.
8). Give a layer at the body ( middle part of the bag ).
9). Sewing a middle of the bag in the two sides.
10). Sewing a ribbon arround of the bag with tidy.


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