Friday, February 20, 2009


The first, I can`t believed about a miracle businessin the internet world
and than Idid`t know about business internet. Because, my girlfriend has been given information business in internet. that, any way correct for got dollar money by this business internet.

The Developed of technology is very fast , as we know people have own way for getting money so of the business way is from internet, where people could use this technology.

Becuse, at last a go.I`am very dificult to try a work,everytimes I`am trying but unsuccessful for got to job in the company.How ever, I soul n spirit me ,not ever give up, and so I try again to tryed a job wihch a suitable with my skill.

Maybe if we are compare with the other convensional way, Internet offered the great advantage.
If we are compare in nthe offline business model with all this original facts, it`s time for you to know about the advantage from business internet.

and finally, my girlfriend persuade me to tryed a Web or Blog. so, I make a article my experience in the my blog with to join a and I tell you....

" The Advantage from Internet "

The advantage are:
1. The Great Target Market
2. High Flexsibility
3. No Big Investmint

If you had been know about the principal and business model in internet, so you can more to the next step. you to know how the right attitude, if you want to grow your business in the internet world.

The right attitude is the must important in business. if you don`t have a goal or good attitude, so you could feel your business just not walk.

The Success and Secret Way in Business:
1. Profesional
2. Focus
3. honesty
4. Don`t ever give up