Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Maybe yuo have been anykind of activity with good spirit,but you still has unfinished work. being success need work hard & good pray, good time arrangement.
Later, we talk about how to arrange our time with more produktive and calm way:
1. Arrange Yourself
There is 24 hours a day. me discipline with ourself, we must realize the time never go back, we should have ability to arrange our time with a good activity.
2. Find the place for good activity.
All of us, can be a victim from waste time with stealy time. the time we should use in productive way wasting with surfing enternet ready an email or calling sme one to talk about private business.
3. Discipline with time arrangement plan.
Coside this thing are from widening of good creativition. the goal is changing a behavior to get anything for ourself e.g: Increase our productivity or reduce our stress. so you can constantlly with a specific goal and you can follow it .we your

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