Sunday, March 29, 2009


all of researcher of Yerkess National Primat Research Center, Emory University at Atlanta found cronic stress behaviour problem, like anxious, depression, infertility.

The researcher found neuhormonal that causing stress is corticotropin releasing factor (CRF). CRF in several function. The factor which release CRF is important for our ability to adapt with stressor in our day and our ability to care our physical and emotional health.

As a respon for stress, the value of CRF increase. The value of CRF could be when no stress0r. Cronic stress could be increase how long and volume output of CRF in part of brain that involve with fear and emotion. Including brain amygdala.

From a study, the rats are exposed with CRF from a of brain that feeling restless and depression, decrease their libido and diturbance ovarium siclus. this is show us, the releasing of CRF is happen when cronic stress definitad interfere several body system on and on.

The changing of behavior can be see when women has expossed with stressor everyday. The resource is reported in on line edition in Molecular Psychiatry.

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